I’ve been perceived as female
and yet a psychic told me I was a male 1000 years ago
I’m just human and sometimes
I’ve been perceived as fat
and yet somebody’s child has been compelled to tell me I’m sexy since I was 12
I’m just human and sometimes
I’ve even been perceived as blind because of my glasses
and yet I can see without them just not clearly
I’m just a damn human but sometimes
I’ve been perceived as greedy
and yet from another point of view, I get called a survivor
I’m just another human and believe it or not sometimes
I’ve been and still am perceived as a nigger
and yet everywhere I go in the world outside my country everybody I meet is enamored and kind
I’m only a human and there are times
I’ve been perceived as too smelly
and yet those same people before they stopped loving me said otherwise when nothing in my life or routine had changed
Human on Human crimes and what not
and sometimes I am perceived as nerdy
and yet it’s the one perception that has probably helped me to feed myself all of these years
I’m just human and more often than I’d like
I’ve been perceived as a whore
and yet I’ve actually tried my hand at being a pimp and a BDSM Mistress so
only thing I know is I’m just human and
often I am perceived as poor
and yet the philosophers say I’m rich because I don’t need much and can live off less than I have
I’m simply a human and even though sometimes
I’ve been perceived as a psychopath
the truth is – experiences have altered my perceptions and I have trouble regulating emotions and have a bit of a personality disorder because of those but I’m working really hard to understand the cognitive cues I’m getting from the world and perceiving them differently so I can react to shit differently so yeah sometimes
I’m perceived as a victim of childhood domestic violence abandonment and abuse
or a functioning alcoholic
or stupid as fuck
or fragile
and yet I’m still here
and reality is just what everybody seems to agree is the case at the time…
perception is a motherfucker.
I’m everything and I’m still here
so actually, since I’m still here
what you perceive isn’t really me at all…


I’m invisible

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