He woke up one day and decided to say to me I had a funloving looking smile, he really dug my style and how could he serve me…
Of course, he’s not my type but I’ll bite so I reply tell me what you’re good at doing and I’ll happily tell you to what end it is required. How do you enjoy performing?
And then he said to me like I was fucking dumb that he enjoys Tantra with reverence and connection
(which just means fucking for free)
(which means masturbating through me)
and why is that what everybody seems to be offering, I’m thinking…
He goes onto say imagine a candlelit place, soothing music, a sensual hour-long massage and then we go with the flow for maybe four to six hours! Sounds like a useful skill to be able to perform to me.

So I said, not really.
It doesn’t improve the plight of our neighbors or even ourselves, it doesn’t dress or feed any desire or condition fully and especially none worthwhile or helpful to the growth and development of kindness, joy, or peace. It is merely an expression of repressed and often childish physical desire in the same vein of any other addiction to a temporary drug; a selfish chase of pleasure for its own sake. But thank you for telling me you think of me no higher than a cotton sock to blast cum in when you’re watching porn on TV- you can call fucking all the cute names you want to darling and perhaps it is important to you if its the only skill your loose broken sad and empty life and choices have brought you to- tell you what though you might run into someone as stupid as you seem to be who wants to find a spiritual connection with you tantrically from your spilling seeds into their mouth or on the ground, as a matter of fact, I wish you godspeed on finding that kind of person immediately because who knows what other kinds of bullshit con artistry might be working on them presently that’s dumber than what you’re offering me, hurry!

My condescendence toward people that I don’t find attractive is epic. I need to chill.


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