Since I have so much footage of you and photos and screenshots it was brought to my attention to share something truly embarrassing on every online platform where you have a presence and tag your loved ones since you’ve recently confirmed that they don’t know anything about that part of your life where I live and that they, to your knowledge, would never disown you and it’s not a part of you that you would ever share with them. The goal I suppose of this exposure is to remind you when you are disobedient that I own you even from here and can destroy you completely without a cage or a flight. Not to insult you doll but I was young once and I probably would be a different person now if I had the room to explore things before I was forced into certain realities. My concern for you only really extends in that direction you may want a ******** wife or some dumb ass kids or some other dumb ass country Christian **** and before I take over your life I want you to have those things and not regrets. It’s not that I don’t think you’re bright enough to decide things for yourself I just think human beings, in general, are only as good as their options. I’m happier when I’m not thinking about you I know you don’t give a **** but it’s worth saying. It’s the reason I don’t do a lot of **** in order to check you because I don’t care and I’m sorry being fulfilled is the best revenge not threatening harm. Although you are fugged up and you actually like that stupid drivel that’s not the point. It never occurred to me until you said it but you’re going to be washed up soon. This is why you recommended now versus when you’re 30. You’re going to be worthless and old. For a second, I thought you were talking about me but you meant you’re going to be tired and ugly I guess, and not the Pretty Little Girl I first met. If you say so, honey. Honestly, I’m doing fine and I am sure that you are too- you don’t want what I want or you would have done what I said when I met you. So frankly Scarlett, giving a damn is not in the cards. I do realize sometimes you just need **** **** and that won’t really have anything to do with me, but I stay mad about that part. You need some act right like everybody else does. I just don’t want anybody to give it to you but me.



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