Agree that these are the starter rules and that I can modify them at any time either in writing or over voicemail.
Do not contact me on my phone even if I hit you up on my phone unless it is a life or death emergency.
We communicate every other Wednesday at 8 PM PST. If you cannot make it I expect to have received a text by 10 PM EST which includes a photograph of you with something phallic in your mouth.
“Whatever you like daddy” is always the correct answer to any question that I ask you ever, boy.
If I tell you not to cum and you don’t clarify a time frame, whatever time you can’t cum doubles, so you’re fucked.
If I call, pick up.
If you can’t pick up, I need a text within 15 minutes with a new pic of you sucking something different.
If I don’t hear from you in an appropriate time frame I start phoning people.
My office hours for questions are from 7 AM to 8 AM PST. I do not answer questions at any other time of the day.

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