Specks upon specks
breathing down necks
your peril and mine
intertwine and align
with stars and stripes and chains
upsetting the balance of nothings
moving surfaces knock people down
swirling around and within
we and they and no one will
yet we continue to still
forget five minutes ago
understanding the ends come and go
not quite sure the difference between
torture and loving hopeful beings
what can you really outgrow
edges in triplicate fluttering low
temporarily we imagine other worlds
where roses never die and folly is no foe
believing that new beginnings must know
and trust supercedes reason
here comes another season
of specks upon specks
speculating and spectating
breathing and believing deceptions
artisanal accuracies on shelves but nowhere else
your peril and mine we create ourselves
swirling around us and them
roses and love temporarily thrill
just for five minutes will memory stain
until death comes calling with her chains

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