At what point do you consider your hands to be clean
When you are at the very least not purposefully being mean
When you’re negligent on the part that matters most
Or when you have contributed sufficiently so you can coast
Are they clean for a moment or a lifetime
Are they clean as soon as you cross a picket line
Are they clean when you listen to all the whines
At what juncture do you discover something is true
Is it when it actually and finally applies to you
When the sun on your side of the street refuses to shine
Or when you stop choosing to draw conclusions in your mind
Do you love me can you tell me this for a fact
Are the insides of your palms supposed to be that black
Is a lie a lie if you never ever get caught
Is this the kind of relationship you purposefully sought
At what point do you claim a liability
when your heart breaks or when you break the one in me?

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