The Shadowland’s Addiction to Puppetry

First, you get a shoutout then more work then you fuck up and get the kind of reprimand that a novice would be used to
then you reconnect with the people you care about for a little while until yet again they try to ghost you then you find a dude who likes the shit you like but suddenly in a pandemic he wants you to do shit with him impromptu
then your kid’s all stoked that their horrible roommate is moving out but what bullshit will a new roomie sling to impact your kid’s mood? And what could you even do?
Then you say you’re gonna stop doing drugs like love and other shit that you’re addicted to but then comes more desperate days full of bad news…so you have to choose…lying to others or lying to you…
But what if the trials of today are the triumphs of tomorrow?
What if every downturn helps you learn to cope with sorrow?
What if tomorrow has already come?
What if every up is just the bottom of a level that you’re not yet on?

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