Less Sweet More Heat

What I heard was that you know a judgemental ho and a crack ho who know how to fuck all day of the night and was fucking willy nilly Pennsylvania style back in the ’90’s and you weren’t phased enough to correct the person who told you this about them and didn’t even think to mention it to them until 24 years later, in a fight, about you not being a very good friend.
Maybe that isn’t exactly what you said but it is what I heard.

I heard that you know two random bitches, one stuck up and one who is a completely flaky fucked up freak and you didn’t have nothing to say about them being terrible human beings because you figured it is not affecting me none and if that’s what those dirty tramps want to do with their spare time then so be it until you get accused of being flighty and inattentive.
Maybe it wasn’t really that deep when you spoke but that’s what I gathered.

And being one of those two people for whom you feel such a way and it never occurred to you that as a friend you probably should have called this behavior out in the ’90’s instead of holding onto it like some mysterious super villianess determined to be the center of attention and not be charged any sort of reciprocity for two decades. Now all it does is fuel the flames of discontent- echoes of the current state of the relationship in the actions you exhibited at the forming of the affair.
And you don’t even care and I swear
If this is how you treat a sister
I wouldn’t want your devil side to start to whisper…

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