More Glitter Time Now Before the Next Vaporous Affection Descends…

Listen up, soldier!
It’s Love yourself hardcore week, finally for you, you beautiful piece of glorious woman!
Hell is here and we will survive again! You’ve been fucking preparing for this like a Spartan!
And we know, what we are up against, don’t we? Hormones! Emotions! Stress! These motherfuckers like to take control! And we will not give up our fucking control. Say it with me, we will not give up our fucking control! Say it again, like you fucking mean it, let me hear you, we will NOT give up our fucking control! You goddamn right! No battle matters but today’s battle! No fight exists but this fight in front of us! I said hell is here and we will survive again, did you hear me?!
When sadness brings her bitch ass around these parts we will feed her hungry ass love! Her stupid evil cronies worthlessness and depression have no place being over here and we are taking this fucking land back from all invaders with LOVE! You ready, chick? You ready, girl? ARE YOU READY BITCH?
It’s LOVE US Time! That’s what time it is! Hoot hoot hoot! We’re gonna love ourselves out loud in the mornings and every evening, soldier! We take no breaks! We let down no guards! I said hell is here and we will fucking survive again, like last time, like every time, like the next time for all time! We stand at the ready! Suicidal Ideation try to take away all them good kisses and hugs you got coming, soldier! Stand upright, not leaning to the side! Hold your fucking footing at all costs! This time, no more reaching back into the bag of past lovers to feel something soothing! I said hell is here and we will SURVIVE AGAIN! Hoorah! We self soothe in this BITCH! No more finding people to crush on because we don’t love us, this week we gonna love us harder than we have ever loved a motherfucker before! It’s LOVE US Time all the time on time every time!
Sanity has asked us to prepare and Hope has asked us to be here. THAT’s WHY WE IN HERE!
Boom! We will not give up our fucking control.
Boom! This is what you were MEANT for, soldier!
Boom! Hold the line WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

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