I guess for my age, huh?
If you know people your age that look my age they look really mature…
Did all of these older women that you claim to have entertained say that they were satisfied with your company?
What happened to them?
Did you murder them?
I do alright, I won’t lie, why do you care, you trying to make some babies?
I can’t call myself a MILF, that’s something someone like you is supposed to say I guess if it’s applicable.
Is it?
Why do you want to be in my phone, then?
What do you need to call me about, sir?
I’m adorable enough for you to want to blow a load on. Great. After I fuck you, then what?
You can’t possibly look at me and think that is what I need.
Where did all your old girls go then, darlin’?
I’ve got plenty of dildos, human and plastic all charged up!
You’re mighty sweet and I’m flattered but I’m no longer available to be anybody’s masturbatory flesh bot.
You don’t need my phone number.
My friends, family, business associates, and other important people are saved in my phone, doll.
I retired from bad bitch academy in 1997.
I’m a tenured professor now.
Just looking for a sweetheart to keep me smiling.
Are you a sweetheart, bitch?
Are you the kinda slut who likes to be tied up?
Wanna get turned on and turned out, kitty cat?
Killed anybody yet? Broken a heart? Been Burned?
I’m actually not trying to change your life although, I could.
Funny how you thought I was 36.
You’re fun though, certainly made the workday go by quickly.
The best you have to offer may not be enough for constant attention, shawty.
I dig your bravery.
Have you ever been someone’s submissive sex slave before?
Just curious, ho, relax.
But since you’re friendly and punishing you would be my greatest pleasure,
new distraction,
I’ll entertain your sexy young ass
from afar

where one of us is safe

from a killer…

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