She don’t make pancakes though

I looked like a fool born earlier that same day for letting you use loyalty to have your way.
But I needed to see what you would say…
Who brings a notebook with script suggestions to a conversation with a loved one without an intervention?
I hadn’t before understood and for a long time was willfully deceived
the tiny spiritual slaughters of sisterly human beings
Shot in the back in the alley on a Saturday in the dark
I blame myself for never noticing there was no spark
And like a dummy for the first time, you finally showed me your heart
stabbed in the chest over the internet like a bullet from a distance wouldn’t have been smart
I heard the tales and I was so gratefully blind
I never thought the love I lived for was a lie the entire time
I made it up it was all in my head yet again and I lost so much sitting there frantically crying
and then you tried to turn your face and contort your intentions to match mine
It was the scene where you stole the line- I’ll be fine and it will take the rest of my life-
But still, I get to shine and you can no longer experience how lit
I still get to live and grow and unfortunately, you will no longer feel blessed by it
Tried to choke me in the rain on a morning where no one else could see
Bought a bag full but said you weren’t the type of person to rely on receipt keeping
tricking yourself while you mock me through a computer screen staring
keep your script, I’m no fool bitch, I’m the incredulity of Saint Thomas, daring!
And genuinely I hope this is the last sacrifice I ever make for love to watch it go bad
There’s a punishment for waiting on proof and now I’ll let go sooner rather than wake up again sad…

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