In a brief moment, Christmas Cards

Listen to you kiki…
That sounds like mocking to me…
Everything said is so funny and crazy…
Who are you pretending to be?
The tragedy could befall, any monster could
I heard they do plums in the ass in yo hood
so fuck you for the rest of yo life
is better than familial strife, right?
Nobody could get closer than
Anything you would allow yourself to stand
You can’t respond to gifts for others because clearly
How I feel ain’t how you feel so you don’t feel me
Cupcakes, excuses and Twinkies
And your flagrant codependency
And people who you really people with people with you daily
But when it comes to me you struggling to communicate lately
Who are you pretending to be?
Validity Validity something you can’t see…
When you cry wolf after you set a fire with gasoline
sounds like mocking to me
Who are you actually?
personal hells are jail cells you think are fleeting
when even texting doesn’t mean anything
the fuckery the lunacy the moon is fucking beaming
You heard what you heard when you felt like it seemingly
this was some new shit you felt like expressing
Is this your new entrance or my old exiting?
Who are you pretending to be?
Who are you actually?
Translations are manipulations when you are faking
the robotics of what feels like help to someone who won’t be helping
The fact that you were ever honestly speaking
is basically what you were wishing you could pretend to feel deeply
I finally see… you never was first base in the game I’m playing
Listening to you kiki
You never loved me…

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