You gone be great or you ain’t

I’m extraordinary. Magnificent even.
My exterior is plenty if it is lust you’re weaving
I’ll probably be single forever but I’m becoming okay with that
I’m not to be loved and I’ve known that off the bat
Nobody really ever wants to get to know me under my magnificence anyway
My visible glories are their excuses to stay
They either have a MILF thing
or a black girl thing
or a nerdy slutty criminal teacher thing
or an ass thing
and it’s never really about me
It’s more about that desire getting their rocks off from who I appear to be
I’m extraordinary. Magnificent even.
I’m a masturbatory fantasy and a human being
I’m so sexy that they don’t ever want to see
me be smart, or cool, or tired or sad
or devoted or desperate or talented or mad
Nobody cares and it is fine it really is
I’m extraordinary. Magnificent even.
You’d think I’d have accepted it by now yet it still surprises me
when people say wow you’re hot
You’re the dream teacher I wanna fuck in my thoughts
Oh my god you’re so cute I’ve got a fetish for black chicks
just like you, wanna see my dick
I’m telling it like I see it you make my dick hard
I don’t want to know you, I just want to touch you that’s all
So I’ll be single forever and really it’s becoming okay
’cause I’m tired of hearing why aren’t you grateful my dick feels this way?

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