Rockstar Teddy Bear Detective Shit

I struggle with the question because I’m not the type to disappoint
But when you feel like you need a companion who is worthy to anoint?

I used to think it was necessary but I wanted to fill an empty place
Yet now that I like me a little better I’m wondering if I even have space-

One liked to be forced femme but I couldn’t meet his grandmother…
One wanted me to live with him if he could be married to another…
One demanded that I cook for him and dress like a matronly saint…
One wanted me to rule by his side but his frequent felonies screamed I can’t…
One didn’t even like me I just looked good for a while in his plans…
One said he couldn’t live without me threatening to cut off the dick in his pants…
And the dumb part is I am still trying to care about somebody…why?
Nobody genuinely requires a long term intimate partner to thrive-

And this one likes pegging and pee play and wears thigh highs
and he’s gentle and attractive and strong and full of lies

And I don’t know how this version of the nonsense ends
But it is usually how the desperate silly clown shit begins

So I’m forcing him to slow down a bit because I don’t care what he wants
One bleeds into the last and next one if I don’t control how it starts…

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