Bankable Trash

Yeah, I’m frustrated
but like I said it is my problem to work out somehow.
I will.
I’m sure of it.
I can talk to you, vent, express my feelings, etc?
You want to be there for me because it helps you get to know me better?
I mean, that’s true.
I’m sort of an asshole though…
I kinda like things my own way too much sometimes I guess…
I can be an asshole to you all I want? You don’t give up so easily, you say?
You just want to know my likes and dislikes and how to cheer me up?
I knew you had potential.
Well, I suppose in that case I’ll try to do better about being clear and making it simple for you to please me and see what happens.
I don’t like worms, or bad tippers.
I don’t like liars either.
I don’t like when you tell me what you find attractive about all women.
I don’t care what you like about all of us as a whole.
I only care what you like about me.
I don’t like Ewoks either or other people’s kids.
I don’t like littering or racism and most of the other isms-
I don’t like lateness or vodka or coconut.

Now what?

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