Acromatic shades of Breakneck Yellow

Whatchu doin’ ain’t even cool.
Whatchu keep trying to talk to me for?
2 weeks go by and you send me some bread crumb every time
like I’m Gretel when I clearly eat children-
just checking to see if the position is still open
or if I’ve blocked you yet
when I already told you that it wasn’t ever going to work out the way you had hoped
’cause here’s what I know
if you talking to me from thousands of miles away
I’m not the only one
And if one day that is what I wanted to become
I couldn’t trust you, I already know how you do
and every day I would be looking at you
and wonder if the fucking smile on your face
was about me or not or if I put it there so I’m too fucking childish
and too fucking selfish
to share a man with anyone and of course, I know that’s probably part of the reason why
I don’t have the one I want right now
I’m over here and you over there
I can’t be in no fucking long distance ass pair
might as well leave it there
so yeah, I want you to have a good time, a good life, and most importantly, a good night.

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