Lunar Scorpio smothered in Cheeses

I’ll always think I’m right ’til I learn I’m wrong.
It’s a terrible trait and a painful life to lead.
For a while…
You got them lips so you think you can just say anything.
If I was shy and you were the shit why would you want that kind of burden in a partner?
Make it make sense to the sense maker in me.
I’m sorry for a third time I clearly haven’t learned
and I answer to no man so it takes longer
For a while…
I don’t have bad taste until you prove me wrong.
My fabulosity can only be accompanied by the best of men.
It’s a terrible trait and a painful life to lead.
Wanting a man that other men call a hero
and knowing there is no one worthy to perform for.
You got that laugh so you think it’s all trivial.
If you want to bow out you are welcome to at literally any time and no disrespect will be taken from it.
I’ll keep trying because not only can’t I help it
for a while…
but my hardheaded nature is the most magnificent thing about me.
You just don’t know how to use it.

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