There’s sunshine somewhere
Careful the anarchy to the left of me and the slavery to the right
This is a party is it not so what the hell am I waiting for
For him? For them? For tomorrow? For an unlocked door?
There’s food in front of me and music in my ears
What if I let go of what I don’t know and let my wounds heal?
My legs still bend, my hips still swivel
My potbelly is adorable proof that I can live a little
What if a good time is all the blessing we get
(and maybe some weed-’cause…)
What if nobody ever loves me but silly ol’ me?
Might as well be high indeed-
I’ve got a place to live right now and something reliable to drive
and therefore nothing stopping me from having a fantastic time
counting down the hours until I pass away
what if happiness is just a song that reminds me I only got today?
There’s moonlight somewhere
Watch for the apathy to the left of me and the self-righteous virtue signaling to the right
This party won’t last forever so what the fuck am I looking for
For the one? Organized fun? For approval? For more?
There’s confidence inside of me and an endless supply of beers
What if I stop hoping someone will love me and let go of that fear?
My tongue is made of flames and what if I only open my mouth
so lyrics that move me is all that ever leaks out
Tomorrow might not be better, tomorrow might bring doubt
I can’t control it anyway or the weather- only my pout…
What if every day is a festival designed by me for me?
What if lyrical sunshine and moonlight melodies are the only real good things?
What if celebrating with myself is all the loving I really need?

Let me see…

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