Would you like it, my former lovers
if the world mourned at your passing
as you graduate and are exalted
from the realm of possibility to the land of echoes
Well here it goes
scribed on the cyber scroll of lifetime
a gargoyle’s perch in full view
the fire is stoked and something has got to burn
Next up is you…
They watch me sacrifice Super Artsy Young Jake with a delete
They feel me dispatch Killer Smile Young Abel with a swipe
The sparks lap up Creepy Stevie Square Jaw effortlessly
Sexcat Johnny San Diego was barely a fight
They see me crumple Bobby Pretty Dick and toss him into the blaze
They notice me push Timothy Not Chalamee headfirst into the flames
The wind carries Amid Never Calls Me by My Real Name away
My Infested Little Italy looked even more beautiful in the firelight
Young Benny Hill Was Cute but who was he really
Nothing special evidently
Psycho Young Gino was all of the wrong kind of freak
A cannonade was necessary before spring on flammable human beings
They witnessed me flick Young Jedi Bryan into the burning sea
They tasted my New Favorite Bitch Grant’s ashes immediately
Even Sugar Face Jesus Alex is canceled permanently
the crowd will remember you longer than me
Did you like it, my former lovers
when I ran my fingers through your hair
when I listened to your nonsense and resistance
when I let you touch me on my body and in my head
will you keep yourself healthy now that you’re finally dead
your passing is now poetic musing
you’ve graduated and are exalted out of here sweet things
from the realm of possibility to the land of echoes
I’ve decided now its the best time to let you go
Before the year ends this forest fire will surely bring
Competing vegetation and the clearance of dancing leaves of begone trees


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