The Pragmatic Biases of Outlier Apathy

They don’t consider it a disability you have to declare
all personalities change over time
and even though I don’t have one now
I can develop a suitable one somehow
one welcomed by the structures
and all the regular motherfuckers
whose opinions under which I live
if I just keep on living
I’ll start experiencing
little to no danger of anything but death
instead of doing what the current programming is telling me
that this version is off and wrong and should be destroyed
by its own hand immediately as to not waste
all of the time that it will take since
everything it touches it alters in negative ways
why should it keep living when it is taking up valuable oxygen
trying to understand why no one ever loved it before
it is defective from the start
and they don’t really consider this thinking a disability
not one anyone else has to know about
it’s merely a disorder that can be remedied by
not believing anything it believes at all
and over time, more time, significant time,
a long time,
clearly more time than this yet-
like the rest of its lifetime
it will forget the previous patterns as it inevitably dies
and meanwhile
it becomes useful to the hive minds
long term successes once again
I’m a blip with a blip.
Ain’t this a bitch?
It’ll all be over soon.

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