FoFos and Himbos

He’s good enough I say and I love dark skin by the way
I love black guys
Some from Africa and some from islands
and some from home
and they look like me
and they smell so good
and move just right before I have to ask them to go cold
like Chicago
He will do, he will do, I love fair skin too
I love white guys
Some from The Netherlands and some from Australia
and some from home
that aren’t scared of me
and their hair is so pretty
and they talk so big and obtuse and blase
like LA
It’s all the same, I proclaim, brown skin is my middle name
I love Latin guys
Especially Italians and Spaniards
and some from down the street
that kiss me so deeply
and pretend so heartily
that they are open vessels with no lid
like Madrid
So what is a cosmopolitan girl to do when I’m just as happy with you
I love Asian guys if that is new
Some from India some from Japan
and some from my own homeland
that refuse to back down
and hating waiting around
so focused and specific and true
like Honolulu
and no matter where they hail from
Portugal, Senegal or Malaysia
Ann Arbor, Moscow or Timbuktu
Rocking with you is what I was made for
I’m an international girl
and the only preference that I choose
Is beautiful
But I’ve not heard their hearts stir
or even a single foreign or local word
which is why every time
regardless of origin or hue
they are hip to what I’m onto
who is ready to be used
and if they have a good heart inside them
somehow how I find out, and I lose…
But you’re a slut
where you are from, who gives a fuck
boy I’ll happily fuck you,

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