I can turn an eye-roll into a World War.
A whisper when I enter or leave a room can ignite silent slights for a decade or more.
Every test, every challenge, or debate must be won, learning is not the objective when my insecurity leads my actions.
I can become invisible in the center of a crowd of thousands.
I can find the insult in a compliment from a lover, stranger, or friend.
My stride is long enough that I can walk to catastrophic conclusions without having to strain to jump, one after the other with no foreseeable end.
I have a turtle shell of invulnerability that I recede into when I try to love someone or they try to love me for safety.
Tell me I’m making a mountain out of a molehill and I will proceed to destroy your life and that of your loved ones for the next three consecutive years until you apologize or die in front of me.
I can out drink, out gamble, out smoke, out scream, out cry any addict who has ever lived or ever tried.
In less than a millisecond in any rainbow, I can see clearly just the black and the white.
They say that we all have special and unique gifts.
Why does it feel that my mutant powers should remain dormant?
Does someone have to be the supervillain and if so, am I the next primary candidate?
I’ve got self-sabotage down to an art so when do I start?

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