Extra Strength Inflammatory Circumstances

You’ve properly disposed of your waste materials and old batteries
and still the landfill doesn’t change its name as it never empties
Is it okay to throw a popsicle wrapper out of the window into the street just this once
because you used to be the kinda asshole who would move out of a rental unit
without throwing out your dead plants and old mattress because you just rather your deposit be what takes care of it
since there isn’t anything alive that isn’t going to die, there’s nothing really to own, everything is a lie, there is nothing that we haven’t named that we didn’t decide we made up the words that we define our only selves by
so you’ve followed all of the main laws of citizenry
and still you have to warn your children that law enforcement enforces it especially quickly when it comes to kids like them and you wonder is it okay to scream and shout about how you had been unfairly treated even though you used to be a capitalist and a Christian and suicidal and defeatest so you tried to join em since you couldn’t win but something about you made them always choose not to let you in
to play the fucking game we all agree to play and live and dedicate our only lives to the clickity clackity echelon sounds of the words we set aside to show how devoted and loyal and agreeable we are feel true but other empires have died already thousands upon thousands of times since there isn’t anything alive that isn’t going to die there’s nothing really to own, everything is a lie
the popsicle drips down your thigh
what words do you define yourself by
sticky wet redishpinky paper wrapper crumpled in the same hand
and you catch yourself catching yourself once more wondering why no one else seems to be hip to the score
you’re gonna put the wrapper in your pocket and forget it is there
like every single other time before

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