I know negativity intimately
we ain’t just acquaintances
this is a relationship
dissonance without dissidents
He proposes and I acquiesce
He tries to fade out but I remind him to persist
He wears my clothes and I stay cloaked in his fist
He naps in my brain so I crash his car into consequence
He’s strong, hateful yet relatable and wrong
He gets bored when I fight him ’cause we both know I’ve lost
I wonder how I can put our entanglement to good use
I don’t hate him, ’cause I can’t shake him anywhere but loose
If I force him to the shadows we both alone ain’t shit
But together we’ve conquered so many mornings each familiar and distinct
See I know negativity intimately
we ain’t coworkers who just met
this is a full-service companionship
dissidents surviving dissonance
He’s solved every problem I’ve planned yet

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