Beyond the reach of classical physics

You lie down…
You say to yourself, I’ve learned that I have been on the right track-looking for ways to regulate my emotions, looking for ways to let go of traumas, and trying to make every waking moment feel better than before. What a great start to a second act.
The guided meditation instructor’s voice is so soothing…
You say to yourself, I need to connect more, I need to think about my community and how I provide value, I need to share what I know with others who care, and keep in touch with those I love. They struggle too.
You’re told to take the biggest circular breaths in a circuit 20 times…
You think to yourself, who am I at this moment? Who am I today? What have I given? How have I been creative? Who or what matters to me? What do I value?
The first time, the instructor says stop breathing for 30 seconds…
You think to yourself, I am so grateful for what I do have. I appreciate the things that I have surrounded myself with. I can create more space to be a better version of myself whenever I feel like it and if I am brave enough, I can stop repeating old patterns…
Your body feels colder, doesn’t it? This body will die soon but will this energy?
The second time, the instructor says stop breathing for 60 seconds…
You think to yourself, are you enjoying yourself? Are you enjoying your time on the planet? Is your life a fulfilling one today?
Your fingertips are tingling, aren’t they? This body can hardly contain you, huh?
The third time, the instructor says stop breathing for 90 seconds…
You think to yourself, how do I want to be remembered? I don’t want to be a burden to my child if I can avoid it, right? I want to be as healthy as I can be as I age so that what my child recalls is that sure, my mom went through a lot of terrible things but she did the best that she could with what she had, and when she finally had the time, to get her life and body and mind together, that is just what she did, and she helped everyone that she could, she was a fantastic woman and I am proud to be her offspring.
Is that your blood coursing through your veins that you are feeling? This body is fragile and powerful, no?
You take a big recovery breath and hold that air in for 15 seconds…
You say to yourself, no one can make me but me. No one cares if I do but me. I can reenergize myself. I can change my brain and my behaviors. I can focus on my own wellness in all areas including connections with others, and when it is all over with I can look at myself with compassion, understanding and use that knowledge to see myself in everyone else.
You wiggle your fingers and toes to make sure you’re still whole. This body doesn’t last long but it is mine alone, yeah?
So you stand up…

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