Pensum for the most slovenly of ambitions

First, he wants debasement
and then he wants intimacy
and then we settle for a connection
and then he wants to be free
and then he wants humiliation
and security
and then we agree to do whatever new he wants
and then we start again typically
and we are right back at the first
and then he wants secrecy, decency
and unlimited attention
and the bad part is obviously
he so silly
I’m sitting up here laughing I swear
like a giddy evil shit
because whatever he wants I find fair
the worst part actually
I’ll never tell him it’ll ruin the fun
is that I can morph into the latest upgrade
of me however he wants
and then he wants cheerleading
and possibly a dollar or two
poor baby for every new release of him
for eternity is me
the counterpoint flipside magnet his existence clings to
the photons that birthed his neurons
replicates in the DNA of me
I can be every dumb thing you think of
and all the stupid shit you claim to need…

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