Rough Simp Circus

In your brand new mind
As soon as I open my mouth
bits of you fly out
shit you might say
the way that you taste
look how much you’ve conquered
with no days under your belt other than me to think of
memories play games
and you think I’ve been played
but check your fucking clock
the flashbacks you supposed to have
at the ages of 22-27 and how you used to be so cool
will be of me
and what I see is vastly different
you the middle of my shit
Boy I’m finna be 46
you when I realized I was a witch
powers on powers on racks on powers
that even when I was on the cosmic outs
of kids and their clowns
I could still entangle and ensnare the beast that is you
I’m unstoppable now bitch I won’t be back
I have the confidence now that I used to lack
Shouldn’t have told me there was a such thing as a god.
Now that’s all that will ever be good enough.
Thanks for the checkmark on my belt of destiny.
Tasted as good as it looked to me.

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