The Glory of Coors Light

The fact that you still craving a different life says enough
ungrateful for what’s in your control unless another man says it’s up to snuff
pinning hopes to mountaintops just using clever new ways to experience the same old high
not concerned at all about the fact that your submissive nature is still your drive
maybe some dude sitting on a cloud in the sky
is the one who holds your keys so whenever you want to cry
because another motherfucker standing to the left or the right
looks slightly prettier than you do in sun, moon and starlight
it ain’t your fault, it’s some god’s master plan, he worked on all night, right?
which makes you no master if you making moves under some outside authority’s might
steady trying to impress pre-dead corpses doing the wave in the stands
so busy thinking human beings can be counted in values of ten
so if you have one decent one that ain’t worth more than nine new shinier friends?
none of this shit matters, not your goals nor your dreams only time
the universe been here without you and your ambitions for 13 billion years, doing just fine
ain’t nobody design you from clay last week so you can think you mold your own fate
The universe made you so it could look at itself not give you a divine place
The life you live is at the whim of chance and you ain’t impacting shit
the future already happened a million years ago and Beyoncé ain’t queen of it
what you wanna be you may never become
the only control you got is not regretting a little fun
Rihanna ain’t human no more she just an image and a commodity
bought and sold by people who need approval and sky diamonds instead of real necessities
if you was living your best life you wouldn’t be trying to prove it to me
the only mountain you’d be worried about is the one in your mouth while you on your knees
the greatest obstacle to living is expectancy
gods don’t pass out rewards to men who write about gifts, they make believe
it’s a waste of energy mocking the man who uses his time drinking whiskey if he’s free
The fact you craving a different better existence not authenticity says you ain’t tough
And you still ain’t satisfied yet with good looks, youth, and frivolous “stuff”?
Happiness is a choice made regularly regardless of the African Savannah being rough
Hope is the final opioid of egos before death texts every man, u up?

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