This is exactly how I recall it.

What occurred:
A man that a friend introduced me to asked me out on a dinner date Friday night.
I accepted the invitation.
Some circumstances changed for the man and he suggested we meet later in the evening for our first date instead of dinner for cocktails.
The man said he liked to think of himself as a Christian Grey type.
I advised him that I was not a submissive type person so, duly noted.
Then I considered that since the man lived an hour away and was coming to my town for the date, so there was no confusion on the outcome of the date, he should consider earlier Saturday.
The man asked if I was sure. I said yes. He then agreed.
The next day the man said that if I feel uncomfortable still then perhaps he shouldn’t come to my town for drinks at all since he doesn’t drink much, and I could come to his town to meet him instead at the local school campus.
I hadn’t planned on a roadtrip and stated this.
The man said that he shouldn’t be punished for finding me sexually attractive, he would not put up with crazy behavior, of course he wanted to have sex with me, or else he wouldn’t be interested in my mind, or coming to see me, or spending his money and time on me. His option was safest and he couldn’t understand why it wasn’t good enough so if I wasn’t coming he was going to go silent.
I then blocked him.
He called my device where it said no Caller ID 3 times. I picked up on the 3rd call.
He told me we should really give this a try, he’s a safe guy, I shouldn’t block him let’s meet.
I said I will come on Sunday, I don’t drive after I’ve been smoking anyway so today was out of the question.
The man then commenced to tell me that he really did not find me attractive, he just liked my style, his dick wouldn’t even get hard if I came, I’m not all that, I’m being irrational, he doesn’t like me in that way and I’m not in danger with him.
I said what was wrong with the Sunday plan?
The man told me that today was a special day and he couldn’t imagine spending it alone and at home so he was going to come for the cocktails even though he didn’t really drink much and after a little food he would just drive home. He only wanted to meet and talk.
I agreed and said I would meet him at the bar.
He was supposed to arrive at 4. He arrived after 6.
He talked about himself and asked me sexual questions about my performance preferences.
He was rude to the proprietor and the wait staff.
He ordered 3 vodka and lime juice cocktails.
He told me about some white collar crimes he had committed and gotten away with and that today was special because he had finally paid off all of his fines.
The man enjoyed the performer so much that he gave me cash to go put into the man’s tip jar.
After the dinner, we left and went to the parking lot to say goodbye.
The man said he thought the date went well and he should hop in my car for a goodnight kiss.
Seconds after the kiss the man had produced his naked erect penis and asked me to be aggressive with it.
I asked him to get out of my car.
I drove home, had a few drinks, watched TV and went to bed.
At 5 AM the next day the man texted me that although he had a great time, he needed to focus on himself and his goals for now and his ex was on his mind the entire evening and he wasn’t ready for anything serious.
I said thank goodness and blocked him again.

My Value Judgement about what happened:

Am I going to like this bitch? He’s average looking I don’t fuck with average-looking bitches.
I don’t think I like this bitch. I don’t know why but there’s something fucked up about this bitch.
Oh, this bitch thinks he’s not a bitch? He can’t be controlled. Bitch, you’re already under a spell.
Let me be clear with this bitch. The last thing you will get from me, you regular schmegular looking motherfucker is some pussy. You’ll die of blue balls first. Fuck you.
I’m done with this bitch, blocked.
Is this bitch calling me after he’s been blocked? Awl, this bitch is desperate or insane.
Now the bitch is trying to convince me I’m crazy, right… bitch, you don’t want the smoke. Don’t have to find out for certain, bitch.
Oh, suddenly you don’t find me attractive again bitch what is this?
Okay, am I being a bitch right now? Let me behave better than this bitch.
Is this bitch drinking I thought this hoe said he doesn’t drink?
Did this bitch just try to hand me money to sashay around the restaurant, bitch are you serious?
Okay, this bitch was out of control this evening, I’m going home, ALONE, like I said, fool.
Bitch did you just pull your dick out? After me explicitly telling you sex was not in the cards and to not even come here if you thought it was? Does this bitch know that I can literally break his dick right now, punch him in the throat, take his wallet, phone, and car keys, slash his fucking tires, and bonk outta here?What kinda shit, bitch? Therapy has saved your fucking life tonight you scummy piece of trash and you know what, I should have listened to my gut when it blocked your corny, two-bit, loser filthy dumb fake punk ass out the gate! Lessons all sorts of learned. And I don’t have to come up with a nice way to tell you to fucking jump off the Golden Gate, because you think you are dumping me? The fuckery is uncut! Great. Bye, stupid bitch. Bye.

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