My better nature thinks I should have standards not expectations
but I be thinking if he’s a fine ass youngin’ though I’ma fuck him
My best self thinks I need to consider dealbreakers over elations
but I be thinking what’s a little emotional manipulation if we fuckin?
My highest incarnation don’t think shit about none of this
I’m not sure that one actually exists
Who I wanna be and who I seem to
have energies that never match up
part of me knows he’s not for me
and a whole other self couldn’t give less of a fuck
and some of these damn selves have to be wrong
even if we are all partially right
and somebody’s thought inside me
need to take a stand for us and fight
Some version of me is going to have to take the reins
if I want love to finally be any different…
one of these days-
When I’m brutally honest
and I look at myself from the perspective
of someone who wants the best for me
what I’d rather be seeing
and how I ought to be behaving
changes frequently…

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