Turbulent Flow Splatters

There’s always something to believe.
I don’t know any other way.
There’s always something to scribble, read, sing, touch, throw out, wash, play, paint
There’s always so much to think about and talk about and lie about and cry about in every moment.
I don’t know any other way.
I’m a walking talking human party with all the anticipation and trying to keep chill but then the music starts blaring and you get high so now we high together and I’m the most entertaining demon you’ve ever seen in real life and there’s always some new rainbow I wanna chase
and there’s always another storm inside or outside.
There’s always something to hope for
something to hold together
or something fresh to destroy first…
There are always things happening at work or in my chest where my heart lives.
There are always things happening in my head or in my home where my body is.
I don’t know any other way and I try, I really do.
The decisions I’ve made lately are so calm compared to my thoughts.
The choices I’m making today are so dainty compared to any time before now
when there was always another brick to throw
always another way to hurt or hide or hate…
What other way could there be
beside biting your own toes, tripping, laughing, and being busy
staring at something beautiful
and imagining it animated
and loving you right back?
There’s always a tiny lie in human truths.

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