The audacity of my intellectual competence
is curious about the intention behind my inability to resist…
Who sanctioned this? I’m worried nobody did…
What if it was written on Fate’s complicated Y-axis grid
which makes my subsystems conspire to dream
telling themselves it’s logical to believe
that I have free will so how much of me am I creating
if I’m ignoring the consequences of hierarchical mating
are these simply brute psychological reactions to triggering
and if so and it’s natural can it still be freaky
am I still evolving while I’m living and that’s why it’s so hard to choose
when a pretty boy is in the vicinity I suddenly don’t have shit to lose
whose responsibility is it if you are willing too
do I have confidence and how could I really be clear
if choke me, finger me, fuck me is the type of shit I hear
is the temptation as organic as my uncontrollable thinking
or is it behavioral magic far beyond the cosmic understanding
does it count if I feel like the devil was the one doing the planning
Is it my madness that likes it when you tell all your friends
or is it that the masculine energy always seeks the feminine

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