I often think the medicine is in the punishment
just because my life is different doesn’t mean that I can’t run it
others view of it is not something I should take personally
even if the solution is in the distraction I’m responsible for me
If I begin with the assumption that I’m overreacting
that how I’m perceiving the stimuli is hyperactive
that this is all a daydream and while I’m so busy complaining
I’m terrified of doing the most necessary shit in the world, changing
a true lover of learning would never be afraid
to begin from the beginning again and again
I’ve courage and not enough knowledge to combat insecurity
my body is just apartment where my lease makes me keep it clean
anything I lose is a return to the great all so I’ma drop the shame
no one knows what’s happening and I don’t deserve all the blame
the medicine might be in the moment you let the feeling subside
before you act on impulses and open your apartment terrace to flies
just because my life is different doesn’t mean it has to be bad
there’s nothing worse than being pissed off later about shit you’ve actually had
If I begin with the belief that I have to go through
that I can’t side step what doesn’t matter by ignoring what’s true
that I’m doing better than I give me credit for, every second more proof
I can acquire enough wisdom to forgive myself for the stupid shit I tend to do…

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