Don’t be sorry, for what?

You’ve done nothing wrong, sweetheart.
I’m just saying…
if anyone is the bad guy here it’s me.
I’m well aware that all of this is inappropriate.
It’s just…
what if you fucked around and liked me someday?
Liked me Liked me.
That’s terrifying.
If I had my way, which I technically do, we would just be friends and never fuck y’know
but that wouldn’t work would it because we both think that you’re too darn cute
and it’s too late for that now.
I genuinely don’t want to catch feelings either for anybody I can’t or shouldn’t have
so this “us” you’ve casually mentioned

is starting to feel bad weird and hella dumb.
Due to that, the moment has passed.
Like, what if I meet some age appropriate dude tomorrow
whose dope, y’know? I couldn’t still be doing you, see?
I mean I don’t even really sleep around for fun but you caught me off guard
hungry…8 months, no dick, y’know? On purpose, don’t trip, but still.
I mean, you can do whatever you want to but I’m not going to change my new perception of all this sugar because to me, tbh, you’re a human dildo.
A boy sex toy, I guess.
So if I’m not seeing anyone for real for real and I’m so horny that I absolutely have to fuck an actual human powered by the sun or I’ll legit die, I’ll call you.
And no we can’t be friends because I don’t fuck my friends, they are too important to me to ruin the relationship over a nut, y’know?
Hopefully that settles it, doll.
You’re cool. Keep going with the music, it’s amazing.

Nawl, I’m not available for questions.


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