You’re too stupid to be scared
Your mind doesn’t play
Your mind’s eye merely recites
visual stimulation that must surely only
come from external sources
no past internal heuristics
you don’t know how to generate any images from scratch
you have zero imagination in a way that could be a benefit
I mean if you can’t imagine a disaster
how would you fear one
and since you can’t fear one
you’re too stupid to be scared
and like I said maybe that’s a good thing
because in this world I imagine that ants don’t live life scared
or wolves or
spiders… they just do what they have to do
like their functioning on a natural level
you over here with some importance
and some presence and some identity and anchoring effects
and you’ve decided in a god like way
to create things in aren’t even there
to come up with ideas that don’t exist
you’re crazy an innovator and something’s wrong
with you maybe a better life
will be happier life
maybe an easier life
maybe the smarter life is a life
where on the inside you can’t see
initution might be novel but not accurate
and you only have descriptions of things
descriptions are OK ’cause descriptions aren’t real
so you don’t fear them
calamity catastrophe
those are symbols of things you can’t translate easily
you don’t really believe in nouns
and so maybe you’re free
maybe you’re free
and my visions keep me trapped
I don’t know if I feel sorry for you
or if I feel a whole lotta envy instead

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