Swirly Mode Pathos

Hearing a song again when no one else is around is like hearing it for the very first time and soon you’re there again as you listen to it humming along and living in the past and in the present, ignoring right now for then, taking the shortcut to emotions and hijacking the pathways in your brain to your favorite feelings encouraged about a “what could have been after the track ended life” that doesn’t even exist after the first time you heard it, that didn’t come true at all and now everytime you hear that damn song again you hear the last time you heard it too on top of the original and it feels thicker and deeper and stronger like its carving those notes and a mood and a memory into the flesh of your arm, like its magic and a curse and programming, like its a forever connection to a point and time and place in existence and since those are fixed, it always exists each and every time you catch yourself hearing that godforsaken fucking devilish song again (that reminds you of someone you used to think that you loved but you were wrong)

you sing every lyric and cry…

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