I hate whoever has you tied up right now
and if I bothered to tell you so
you’d get turned on by my vacillation
face me again and beg for permission
forcing my better nature to pretend to leave you alone
when I only really want to control you
when you really don’t want to let me
so I hate whoever you let break you
when I’d prefer it was me doing the disrespecting
especially from here on out
because never again could it ever be my role
this is no song of love just jealousy
even these thoughts of you lead to a black hole
you act like you like it because you think I do
when I never actually did, don’t and won’t
I hate that we can’t even be friends now
I’d eventually have my hands around your pretty throat
and at some point you testing limits would get in our way
I’d fall in love again with the shadow I hate the most
it doesn’t matter because things between us are over
I hope you’re having a fantastic day while shivering without a coat

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