The Invitation:

Hey, you wanna tie me to your bed?

The Response:


The Reaction:

Awesome! Where do you stay?

The Sincere Comeback:

Listen trouble, I’d like to do all sorts of things to you. You remind me very much of my last sub who I miss dreadfully. I fucked him from when he was 22 until he turned 25. He’s 27 now and has a new master- Jesus I think- and apparently his new life won’t let me hogtie him in my closet and dress him up in pretty panties and peg and edge him all night anymore- maybe someone can- but not me.
It is probably best for the both of us. God, he was pretty. You’re kinda pretty too, like him.
I would destroy you gladly.
But I’m going to resist. Even though I could gag you, choke you, and cage you, sadly you won’t be my bunny. He was the best hot girlfriend ever. I’ve decided to stop indulging myself in those fantasies. It’s not healthy for my mind.
I bet you look great restrained and in tears. Same age as him now too. I guess I only allowed you to speak to me because you remind me so much of him and how much would I enjoy you wearing my heels and corset, bound by ropes at the wrist on your knees begging me to start or stop and screaming out my bunny’s name for me.. honestly, I would have paid good money not long ago to live that fantasy, just to send him the video of it and tease him. I’d use you for that easily. But I don’t suppose I’ll win him back from his new lord. His new one won’t fall in love with him like I did. I said all of that to say that I’m glad that I checked to see what you were about and I’m glad you’re like he used to be, disgusting and filthy and desperate and a bad, bad girl. And I’m glad you’d let me tie you down too and ruin you just like he used to. But I can’t start that again. It’s sort of special now because only he brought that out of me and I don’t want to taint it.

The Follow Up:

Whoa, no worries! I appreciate the elaboration! What if we just did vanilla-non-kinky stuff?

The Final Word:

Funniest thing… he said recently was the first night I met him with his duffle bag full of sex toys was that at that time he was just looking for love and acceptance and couldn’t I tell? I couldn’t, he was so damn fine…not until he got on his knees in front of me for the first time did I see that and as soon as I saw it I loved him and it basically was over before it started. So thanks again for the offer. Made my day, truly. Maybe you’re looking for something other than what you think, kiddo. Go. You behave yourself okay?

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