Soporific Tatsu

People used to think that
Edelweiss really was an Austrian song
or that sign languages were the same worldwide
They used to think that
the only man made object you could see from the moon was the Great Wall of China
or that bulls are enraged by the color red
and now we all know better
we know now that
humans and chimps have a common ancestor; we aren’t evolved from them
and we know acne is mostly caused by genetics not hygiene
and that there is no scientific physical test for virginity and anybody still trying that is basically a pervert and gross
one hundred years from now, the truth will out
It’s okay when you’re growing and learning
every now and again
to be wrong
and who knows what people will think in the future
maybe we will know how to manufacture perfect pitch in every voice
maybe we will cure every phobia of one another through a series of pills
maybe we will be able to effectively travel in time and talk to our ancestors
Since as it turns out what people used to think is wrong
And what we think right now will most certainly change
Bats are not blind
Linus is not immune to malware
Sunflowers do not always point to the sun
so that means to me that it is perfectly fine
that I don’t think I love you anymore
because changing our minds when we get new information
is just what people do

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