I can’t remember why I
only get tattoos down the left side of my body
prefer bleu cheese over ranch sauces
make to do lists even on days I ain’t got shit that needs to be done in particular
make it a point to pronounce LOFI and GIF correctly
choose to visit museums in as many places as I can
fall in love with men who haven’t been on the earth as long as I have
buy lottery tickets for others but never myself
instantly hate a person if they compliment me on anything other than something I wrote
started calling everybody bitches regardless of gender preference or expression
trust no one
discourage my child from buying me material goods of any kind
started loving detective stories and shows
take my Virgo horoscope so seriously
want a boyfriend who speaks French when I don’t
I can’t even remember why I
try to stay alive all day after I wake up
but I know all that shit is the right thing to do somehow
and I don’t see me stopping none of it no time soon…

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