So do you have the look
because It doesn’t matter to me either way
but I like it when boys look pretty
I think they do too deep down
I think they supposed to
have lots of flair
I’m exquisite
and in front of what
should I ever take a knee
how else you get attention
if you don’t peacock especially for me
lemme see yo display
impress me with your face
It don’t make a difference to me any way
a beard and some lace
shiny muscles and a peachy taste
flowers and feathers and heels
suits as sharp as knives and flamboyant jewels
I’m magnificent without adornment
with absolutely nothing to prove
but you, you the best, yes?
Then where yo parade at?
Get dolled up so I can see you over the others
and act like you don’t care either
its just how you live
I’m not picky I have no need
for you to be shit but more fantastic than me
show me why that pedestal should be there
I don’t actually care
but if is just you sunkissed and glitter dipped
then PRANCE, beautiful, like a man!

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