More Honesty Than Sense

Maybe I don’t know what the hell I am talking about but this is frustrating me.
The dude used to be in government.
The dude has a loyal fanbase of supporters who want him to still be in government, even if he has to take the government illegally. These people literally went to the capital under what they thought were his orders and stormed it. If he is allowed to be on major social media platforms to convince these people to act in more horrific ways along the same previous activity level, who is to blame for that? The platform is not the government nor is it run by the government. These are privately owned platforms that can pick and choose who they want to use the service. They could decide to charge for use at any moment if they wanted to.
If you don’t like that law then go through the proper channels to change that law.
People with no reach like myself, can say some seriously problematic things because more than likely I’m saying it to 5 people, and it has no long term impact on profitability.
People who used to be in government however, who are household names, who still want to be in government and have a band of human beings who will violently overthrow the existing government to reinstate this person into a form of dictatorial government (who by the way has no intention of improving their lives on any level, just his own, ) cannot demand that a private company allow him to have a megaphone and speakers to rally his treasonous supporters.
The platform doesn’t have to oblige this person and his cheerleaders if for no other reason but that it will piss off all of the other advertisers and marketers getting paid to use the platform that totally support the docile submission of the consumer base because it means that they get to get rich off all of these people’s posts.
This is as free as our society as ever been and because it is so free nobody in it is required to read a history book and look back when people very much like that person who was formerly in government used their ability to communicate to consumers who couldn’t afford the greatest and latest of everything, you know, like food, and promised them that if they supported genocidal terrorism of some kind, they would eat heartily, well and often.
Either you want corporations to be able to decide for you and with proper regulation agree not to poison you or you want a totalitarian government so powerful that it could disappear you without a second thought and claim it is for the glory of the movement.
Willful ignorance is a choice like any other.
I realize I’m being vague, I realize I am not using specific facts to make my argument and I am also well aware that these are my thoughts and opinions at this time and that with evidence my thoughts and opinions can change. The commercials by broadcasters for news outlets teasing viewers about should they or shouldn’t they allow this person to have this privilege is the frustrating part. A story to rile up people who have no other stories to tell is not fucking newsworthy.
Listen, a store can put up a sign saying no shirt no shoes no service because that is the policy at that store. If you want to run shoeless through the merchandise you simply go to another store that allows that if there is one, or make one for yourself. If you think stores shouldn’t have the power to ban the shoeless, then solicit a lawmaker to help you change that policy with the support of the people. A rich former member of government who wants to still be in government even though he was voted out is not the same as a civil rights violation on a public bus.
If this social media shit ain’t nothing but online stores, what are they?
And they can say as privately owned entities, you know what, we don’t particularly care for former members of government who have their own goon squad that they dogwhistle to causing panic, limiting our marketshare and sowing seeds of chaos in front of our endcaps.
It’s not personal, its just business, which these people claim to believe can save them, as soon as the business world and the government world become one. If you are not eating now you won’t eat then, kid. So just find another store, homie. Preferably one with books.

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