NeoCortex Shifting of Fishwrap Business Cults

People who make strategic assessments about the future of things, which is in no way considered any sort of manual labor feel very comfortable in tauting that others, who have to work tirelessly for low wages, don’t want to work. Wow, geniuses, what brought you to that conclusion? We’ve heard it said a billion times that if you are doing what you love, it isn’t work right but how many proprietors who are looking for laborers are offering positions steeped in long term worker fulfillment? You also hear that if you are working for someone else that you are making someone else’s dreams come true and not your own- so with that in mind, wouldn’t it be more favorable for a population raised on a dream of one day being rich and famous if they work hard enough, to do that work for themselves? The most highly praised laborers in our country are celebrities and athletes and with Tiktok and YouTube and other platforms for content creators people can literally get hundreds of followers to subscribe to a page of them listening to this person being shocked at songs that were released in the 90’s or this person’s point of view on some other content creator’s point of view. They can do this kind of work, which they love by the way, from the comfort of their homes and are only beholden to the laws of the web platforms and not the 9-5 work structure of a corporation that is pretending employees are family who they fire anytime the stakeholders (mind you, not physical laborers generally) get pissed off that profits are down. An attractive person with some sort of exotic dancing skill can open an Only Fans page and make more than they ever did slinging coffee at your shop that only is willing to pay them less than it costs to get two cups of your product every hour.
Ponzi schemes still exist because people don’t want to WORK.
So why can’t a 5’6, 62 year old balding dude be the greeter at Abercrombie and Fitch?
Having been home and survived this past year a lot of folk have realized they are actually missing some of the most important moments of their lives with their family and friends working long hours at thankless service jobs where they are underpaid and underinsured and mistreated for no reason. If you have established a great business and deliver an awesome product it would seem that you would be willing to share in the ownership and profits of that business with the people you so call family on your staff but that isn’t really the way the dream works is it? The dream is to NOT WORK. The dream is to make enough money somehow, in order to be able to read all day, travel, paint, get tan, live in an enviable neighborhood with few economic stressors, create generational wealth and act like the family from Downton Abbey and pretend you don’t understand the difference between a weekend and a weekday. But the folks who are getting mad that others don’t want to come back to their shit jobs only see that vision for themselves, not for everyone- see if we all can have it then it’s not exclusive. If we can all have it they are no longer elite, superior or special.
Scammers are everywhere because people do not want to WORK.
Why can’t a heavyset transwoman with purple spiked hair and 4 inch fingernails be a greeter at Epcot Center?
There are so many talented people in this country who are smart in STEM and coding and really good bus drivers but because they have brown skin or vaginas or need glasses or a wheelchair to get around, or are nonconforming in their aesthetics, too tall, too fat, too gay, whatever, that they can’t get these jobs they should be getting and are in educational debt up to their eyeballs because of the same dream that the corporations lead them to believe was attainable. If you were throwing pennies at people when it was clear it wasn’t enough for one adult human being to live off of knowing full well that these people were working 3 and 4 jobs just to live and you turn around with all the audacity in the world and call those same folk lazy because they don’t want to come back to your job where they have to work 15 hours a day, lock their phones in their cars just to get into your warehouse full of safety violations just to be fired at will.
Pastors of mega churches who charge their flocks don’t want to WORK.
Why can’t the one armed Vet with an eyepatch read stories to kids at the daycare center?
Mind you, if you are reading this, I’m not an economist, or a politician, I don’t own a business and just like anybody else’s opinion I don’t have all of the facts in the world and I’m just talking from my own perspective. I have never written anything in this world because I was desperate for someone to say I’m right or to agree with me. Just like all of the other things we have heard we have also heard you get more flies with honey than vinegar. And I suppose that is true when it comes to trying to convince people to do a job literally no one wants to do, including the person who owns the business. It makes no sense that teachers live in poverty. Makes no sense that our sanitation workers can’t afford housing. Makes no sense that nurses have to work at coffee shops and moonlight other places.
Why are there no more labor unions, mr or mrs strategic assessment person who cares so much about why folk don’t wanna work?
Now that people have been home and have really looked and how much their life is worth, it is going to be hard to convince someone that a year of that life is only worth 10,000 dollars, when they can sit with their friends on the computer, play the stock market and make that in a month.
A CEO gets outed by the SEC every day for fraud, tax evasion etc., because they too do not want to WORK.
Why can’t a nerdy, pimply 19 year old be a network broadcaster for a major news outlet?
Businesses are either going to have to include their workers in that American Dream plan or they are going to have to come up with products that don’t require as much human labor. If your company is not helping the community, is not sustainable for the environment, has outdated hiring and discrimination practices and chooses to underpay staff and overpay CEOs the model is simply going to have to change or the brainwashing is going to have to get a lot better.
Or maybe I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about…

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