I have to say when I met you earlier
I did want you to put your arms around me and pull me close and kiss me like you had already done it 1000 times before. I’m glad you were respectful and didn’t. It was a nice feeling. Thank you so much for flirting with me today, I’ve been so stressed lately working from home and not being able to get out. It’s not often hot guys just show up at my door. I know that you are looking for no strings attached fun and I don’t blame you its nearly summertime and things are starting to open back up so there’s hope. I’m flirty, sure and I wouldn’t mind calling you for service some late night but I’m really not into all that, this little connection caught me off guard and I couldn’t pass it up and be a logical person as fine as you are. I could literally feel you looking at me hard and I was looking back with the same level of aggressive attraction and it was so sudden and unexpected, like a fucking opening porn scene! Ha!
But I’m not available to just fuck every hot guy that tells me that’s how he wants to spend some free time, y’know?
Just not my style these days, sweetie.
I don’t want to waste your time or disappoint you if you are in a hurry so I wanted to be sure to say that. I’m probably old enough to be your mom, you look so young how old are you if you don’t mind me asking, its clearly not going to turn me off I’m just curious…
Whew…. Okay.
I could tell though to be honest…you was giving off fresh strong new young hard…human.
I’ll have to make a plan to borrow some of your time sooner or later see how you’re made and test it all out, if that’s cool.

Who knows when I might put in that service request BTW but ’til then stay outta trouble, cutiepie.
Clearly anything can happen…

It’s good for you that you are brave.
Stay that way.

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