I want you to like and subscribe. I want you to Google Search me and buy all of the books you can find on every platform. I want you to follow me on social media. You believe in me. You believe I represent. I want you to want to know everything about me. Especially the terrible shit. I want you to say you have read everything I have ever written. You’ve studied me. You’ve gone back to undergraduate rags where I submitted shit and had thoughts on what I must have been like at the time. I want my words to have seeped so deeply into your internal matrix that you committed some of them to memory and used them in every day casual conversation as a way to gloat. I want you to look for new things that I have written like a mouth that likes to suck dick salivates without cause when it sees another one it might want to get to know if the opportunity presented itself. I want my art, my existence, my presence to be all you need. I want you to start a fan club and be the president. I want you to start a podcast where you review my blog posts for your listeners. I want you to tattoo my government name on your chest. You admire me. You need me. I want you to let me handcuff you to the inside of my bedroom door to do with what I want whenever I want on demand without complaint until you die.

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