So dumb and yet it is the cutest thing ever…
It all started with my son getting a blue and gray kind of a jersey from me…
I dunno why I bought it for him but I thought it was adorable so I got it
(everything makes me sentimental)
and one day he started watching a television program because the thumbnail of the main character- the guy was literally wearing the same shirt that I had bought for my kid
so my son of course said how hilarious, I have that shirt, oh let’s do this, let’s see what this show is about…
(I will probably watch the shit now because of all of this for general principle)
but anyway so he loved the show and learned so much from it and like, he’s living his whole life getting wise as you can from TV-
so fast forward to every Thursday ….
We tell each other who our heartthrob of the week is and it could just be anybody and you can just do anything to get that status for 7 days and it doesn’t have to be a sexual thing right, it’s really fun and it’s just like a little alarm on my phone as a reminder to talk to each other every Thursday and so this week he was like it was this guy from the anime and he told me the whole story about the guy (totally took 2 hours but it was worth it) and basically at the very end of it he’s like a truly good dude your modern classic hero- and come on, I love Kal El and Anakin Skywalker so I totally get the vibe, and this character my son was giving heartthrob status to, he saved the world and everybody around him and he’s very loyal and faithful and just a ride or die sort of character and my son goes, Mom this is your doing!
I’m like uhhhhhhh HOW, bro?
And he goes, the fact that you picked that shirt out is the only reason I started watching it so I pick Shiro as my heartthrob of the week!!!
(and of course I felt all giddy and whatnot because EMOTIONS)
and he goes Mom you’re trying to turn me into him entirely because then you did this….
Guess what I did?  
On his 21st this year I sent him like drink mixers and a cake and I sent him a really cute messenger bag for his laptop and then I sent him a blazer that matched the bag and he put the blazer over the shirt that I sent him originally ( the gray and blue one) and texted me a picture and goes it is not exact match but it is very close and then he texted me the Shiro guy in a scene wearing the same jacket and shirt together in a combo and I cannot deal…
and I’m screaming with glee at my phone like, I can’t right now– I clearly had no idea this anime guy existed or that he had such good fashion sense and my son goes because it’s subconscious how you just try to create a hero for yourself and he goes you need to ask the universe for a guy like that for yourself then!
We laughed. I was so happy and it was something so silly.
I didn’t say anything to him but I was like, why do I need the universe to bring me one, I made one (giggle snort)
but the best part is now I know something about this character in a genre I would never have dabbled in- all because I created a human
that I love very much
and have a good enough relationship with him
where we can share things we enjoy and laugh together
and I send him gifts for no reason
having no knowledge whatsoever that just us being us
inspired his interest in something
that he was willing to share with me.

The get the TISSUE BOX of it all!!!!

Little full circle nuggets of love are the best kind, truly.

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