I’m the same today as I am after each sunrise I meet; magnificent.
I’m not telling you my fucking name all you need to know is I am myself, the realest version of me and even if tomorrow I get hit by a bus and no longer appeared to be the cause of your diabetic shock- my skin and my youthfulness wouldn’t change the glory of the magnetic creature that I am inside this bodysuit. Thanks for the physical compliments though darling, they have no bearing on my value but it’s sweet of you to feel that you needed to say it. Unlike you, I’m not haughty enough to believe I’m cut from some specialized cloth, fuck a fabric- and I don’t see myself as better or worse than any other human- we all come from the cosmos and if we’re looking for love outside of ourselves we’ll die unhappy just the same; if we can’t survive without the praise of others, shame will gladly take its place and we’ll not be at peace anyway.
Trust me, if I ever do find a partner in this world we wouldn’t have to lie to one another, or pretend to prop one another up every day for fear of losing something we think we own, we’d do great things or no things side by side, him and I realizing that alone we are spectacular and together we can simply make another person laugh for a lot longer- his man to my woman is just yin chasing yang chasing yin and the people on the same wavelength like him and me are destined to meet- in these bodies, previous ones or the next ones that may come.
So whatever this is, sweet thing, is up to you.
If you wanna worship at my feet still
I’m fine with that and that is fine with me
since that is the only position open around here,

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