In the midst of a complex system camouflaged from its design to catch prey
you hover above snakes coughing blood on the edge of the cyber rodeo circus
and steadily swear if it is not guaranteed exclusive transformative enhancement
you don’t want it and yet the digital wranglers have unleashed nerd herds
mimicking the supernatural mythos via newsjacking with hog killing hypertext documents
from unreliable cosmic spaces used to entice through edu-taining confusion
and somehow you feel superior to previous incarnations of hell’s ranch hands
perpetuating and simultaneously suffocating in illusory microcosms
of self-destructive nonsensical artistically inspired traps built not only for your consumption
but also as the final neural interruption of your biological information servers
dying to be controlled by billions of galaxies of neurotic nuance masquerading
as intoxicating connection and sugar yet there’s nothing here but fires
nobody loves anybody on the internet honey, lie or die

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