Absorbing so much shit, this is it, this is me, thinking what’s happening outside me is what drives me but trust and believe, I will be surviving, bitch I been gripping the world by my toes, and it shows, noone else actually knows, what it has taken, to get this far, on some level you actually have to be a fucking star, in yo own heart, watching you do you, is the only privilege at all, and I feel short when I’m so fucking tall, you can’t really see me, because I ain’t even thinking, this ain’t even the best me yet and I still I do what I do and for once I can see that this whole journey ain’t about what I can gain but who I can be, allow me, its not a question, it’s a statement, who I used to be, is retiring, early, she did what the fuck she was designed to, get over bullshit and overcome you too, I fully pity the fool, it’s time now for a full release, the cocooning and hiding a necessary step for the most beautiful of beings, before fully becoming, the real me, I was meant to be, in reality.

2 responses to “Ice Runt fils de bast”

    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      You know I appreciate it very much. Thanks for reading and commenting as always.


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