Psychological Observation of an Opinionated Robot at 16,730 Days Old

The way I be loving other people
but not myself
is some bullshit
I’ve recently recognized this
and I mean to rectify
I’m crafting pedestals for peons ten feet high
I’m carving names into stones and don’t know why
I’m following in bigger footsteps trying to hide
hold up there’s a path y’all can’t even see
and the only one that can walk it is authentic me
get off that chair I see our connection inside
but my name need to be on any silver plate I’m carving with pride
these footsteps are my footsteps
watch my trail set ablaze
I’ve been loving them like I loved them
for all these damn days
ignoring the fact that I’m quintessentially
the most perfect lovable limited edition of me
so I’ma show you what it do
it took me a minute, true
without offering honey, this how it’s gone be
you can stay where you at or you can follow my lead
and see what the fuck it takes to start loving me
I’m done with loving anybody hellbent on wavering

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